Regan’s Story


Regan Grimes, a professional bodybuilder, opened FlexPlex Muscle & Fitness at the age of 21.

Regan began working out at the age of 17 and at the time he was racing motor cross.

He entered the gym with the idea of getting bigger and better for motocross but as he continued to work out and put on muscle another opportunity presented itself.

This opportunity being to rise to the challenge of a bodybuilding competition.

Regan-Grimes-ProfileAfter the first competition, he was hooked on it.

Before long bodybuilding became his passion and he had a dream to become an IFBB professional bodybuilder and would not stop until he achieved this dream.

Through his process of working out he had visited many different styles of gyms, but one in particular really stuck in his mind.

Regan’s vision was of a place where he went that had old school equipment like the style of gyms that Arnold Schwarzenegger trained in.

It was at this point he decided he wanted to open a gym of his own.

A gym that would have a variety of old school machines, and old school feel (before commercial gyms took over) and many different style of machines so he would be able to develop his body into the best that it could be, thus allowing him to achieve his goal of becoming an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

The gym that Regan envisioned is the gym he still owns today: FlexPlex Canada.

Regan wanted a place where everyone would feel they were welcomed: He wanted a “no judgement gym.”

Anytime he would walk into a commercial gym he felt he was being judged, the staff and members would talk about him and he was even kicked out of a facility for being “too hard-core.”

Regan’s vision for FlexPlex was to be a place where no matter your athletic ability, no mater your goals, no matter what you looked like walking into the gym, that you felt welcomed, you felt motivated and you felt it was a place where you could go to better yourself and work towards your goals.

If you have a vision for a better body too FlexPlex is a fantastic place to put in the effort it takes help turn your fitness ambitions into a reality. 

Regan is living proof of what hard work in the gym can do and when you workout at FlexPlex you can start to get amazing results too.

Contact FlexPlex today so you can get started on a journey of fitness success too!